Episode 60: FSC Check – how FSC will use risk evaluation as part of the certification process

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Worm, Loa Dalgard
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certificate holders, Applicants, Certification process, check, process, activities, unacceptable activitites, FSC check, integrity, FSC

In this episode we dive deep into the world of safeguarding FSCs integrity and ensuring that the businesses and organisations around the world working with FSC are the good guys. In a world where sustainable transformation is the norm and prerequisite for many business transactions and license to operate, getting certified by FSC is increasingly attractive to companies around the world. This is a positive thing. But it also means that some might want to join FSC, who do not necessarily fit the profile of companies, we want to work with. They might be deforesting forest areas in other parts of their business or violating human or workers’ rights.

Destructive activities such as these are a part of a longer list of actions that are in the FSC system called “unacceptable activities”. Today we are going to talk about a new tool in FSC, which will help us identify the if a company that wants to get certified, or an applicant member has been involved in an unacceptable activity or not, based on which FSC will allow them to enter the FSC system or reject their application. To help me understand more, I’ve invited Saija Hotti, Program Manager for Operations and Development at FSC.

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