How standards constrain the certification of small forest enterprises

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Higman, S.
Nussbaum, R.
Aguilar, F.
Nardelli, A.
Scrase, H
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As the first part of this programme, a study was made of the FSC's requirements for accreditation, certification and standards. The results were published in June 2001 2 . The report identified a number of areas where significant and potentially unnecessary barriers existed and made some recommendations for change. This study aims to take the discussion one step further by focusing in detail on the constraints inherent in the FSC Standard, both the international PandC and the national interpretations. The report provides a number of options for progress. It offers guidance to the FSC Board and membership on how the barriers facing SFEs could be reduced. However, the report will be of use to a wider audience in the field of forest certification as a general discussion of the opportunities and constraints faced by SFEs in meeting formal forestry standards.

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Forests, Chain of custody, Certification, Decent Work, Eco-labelling, Forest certification, FSC, Occupational Safety And Health, Sustainable forest management, Trade Unions, Social Impacts, Contract Workers, Sub-contracting, Ethnographic Research
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