Episode 66: What can filtering water tells us about biodiversity? Utilizing new techniques like eDNA and bio-acoustics

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FSC International, Loa Dalgaard
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eDNA, monitoring, biodiversity, pilot, impact monitoring, impact, species, animals, forest health, biodiversity monitoring, bio acoustics

In this episode we talk about biodiversity and how we might use new methods to new methods to monitor the health of biodiversity in certified and non-certified forests.
FSC has embarked on complementing our standards with a robust monitoring and evaluation system to prove the benefits of certification on forest ecosystems. This proof should come in a form, that can be aggregated, is data driven and possible to collect at scale in certified forests.

To solve this, FSC has started looking into using technologies such as eDNA and bio acoustics to determine forest health and evaluate biodiversity within forest concessions. We now have result of the first pilot of using eDNA to compare impact of FSC certification in Gabon. To teach me about this pilot and to share some of the results, I have invited some of the people behind the project into the studio. They are Franck Trolliet,, Programme Manager for Monitoring & Evaluation at FSC, Rodolphe Metayer, Project Director at Terea, and Vincent Prie, project director at Spygen.

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