Episode 61: FSC in Ukraine: Providing meaning and value – a status 1,5 years into the war

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Worm, Loa Dalgaard
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ukraine, ukrainian products, integrity, certificate holders, war, value, certification, implementation, risk based implementation, digital tools

In this episode we return to Ukraine one and a half year after the invasion and for the first time we will hear from our team on the ground and from some of the certificate holders. They will share their stories and enlighten us on, why a thing like maintaining FSC can be important even when you live in a country under attack from foreign invasion. During our conversation we covered topics as broad as what changes in everyday work life the war has required, why FSC for many businesses and forest owners is more important than ever, how integrity is maintained and why it is so crucial that we maintain our business with Ukrainian companies.

To help me learn more, I invited Pavlo Kravets, Director of FSC Ukraine, Yevhenii Khan, Chain of Custody and integrity manager at FSC Ukraine, Viktoria Kuchmuk, Manager of Zunami LLC - an FSC-certified working company producing oak floors and Natalia Pokinska, Managing Director at Kronospan UA LLC – the largest wood-based panels-producing company in the country.

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