Green procurement through Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification in the private sector. Perceptions and willingness to buy of private companies from Romania

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Petrescu, D.C.
Bran, F.
Radulescu, C.V.
Petrescu-Mag, R.M.
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Companies can contribute to the achievement of the sustainability goals through theirprocurement function when they opt for green procurement. In the current paper, theauthors focused on the procurement of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifiedproducts. Having known that attitudes contribute to the definition of the individual'sbehavioral model and, thus, of her/his "green" choices, the aim of the paper was toinvestigated attitudes related to the procurement of FSC certified products by people incharge of private company acquisitions. Research results were based on a survey, with asample of 214 private companies from Romania. Results of binary logistic regressionanalysis indicate that companies that perceive a positive impact of FSC products on forestprotection and on company image are more likely to replace conventional wood productswith FSC ones when they have a similar price. When FSC products are more expensivethan the conventional ones, companies will be more likely to buy them when economicbenefits are present, too. From a practical perspective, the findings bring to the forefront thefact that companies can be stimulated to select FSC products at similar price overconventional ones by highlighting the contribution of the former to forest protection and theimage benefits that they can bring.

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