Episode 58: How might we use existing technologies to comply? (Getting granular on EUDR, episode 2 of 3)

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Worm, Loa Dalgaard
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eudr, legislation, deforestation, technology, supply chain, stable isotope, World forest ID, Wood analysis, Planet, WWF World Wildlife Fund, geo location, Earth observation, King Fisher, Regulation

This episode is 2 of 3 recorded live at the FSC event Wood you find it in Brussels on April 25th 2023.

At the event EU policymakers, NGOs, companies, voluntary sustainability standards, representatives from producing countries, EU Competent Authorities, the forest sector, and journalists met to learn, discover, debate and imagine together a world in which we know exactly where every piece of wood comes from.

The event was built around a brand new piece of EU legislation: the European deforestation regulation (EUDR). The focus was on how EUDR and its geo-location requirement can play a role in the wood sector taking into account the environmental, economic, social dimension of the matter, both in Europe and globally.

In this second episode we will diving into how existing technologies can be used to enable companies to comply and featured expert input from Jade Saunders, World Forest ID, Joanna Nowakowska, FSC, Anke Schulmeister-Oldenhove, WWF EPO, Annie Adams, Kingfisher & Irene Rodríguez, Senior Manager, Planet. The session was moderated by Mariam Zaidi and of course included a lot of questions from the audience.

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