Episode 70: A new era for FSC? The effect of technology releases and legislation featuring Michael Marus, Chief Information Officer, and Marc Jessel, Chief System Integrity Officer at FSC international

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Worm, Loa Dalggard
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FSC, Data, fiber testing, blockchain, earth observation, mapping, documentation, implementation, climate change, legislation, new era

In this episode we are going to talk big picture. The thing is that FSC is on the brink of a new era of our existence. Or at least that is my feeling before entering into the conversation with the two guests.

We are in a few months releasing our blockchain tool to the world. We are finalizing new voluntary module to support compliance with upcoming legislations – and FSC doesn’t normally have voluntary modules. We are linking all of our digital innovations into a few new user facing tools. And all of this is happening at an unprecedented speed for FSC.

Do my guests agree that we are moving faster and that we within the next six months will see a completely new FSC offering emerging? That is what I’ve invited Marc Jessel, Chief System Integrity Officer and Michael Marus, Chief Information Officer & Acting Head of Resources and Services into the studio for a conversation on.

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