The Effects of FSC-Certification in Estonia. An Analysis of Corrective Action Requests.

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dc.titleThe Effects of FSC-Certification in Estonia. An Analysis of Corrective Action Requests.en
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is.evaluation.findingsAmong 28 CARs raised, the majority concerned ecological issues. More particularly, High Conservation Value Forests and woodlands key habitats on unclaimed forest land have been identified and protected. The amount of biotope trees, dead wood and use of noble hardwood have been increased, and the use of exotic species has been banned. Environmental impacts of clear-cuts on tree species composition and biodiversity, soil and water were to be avoided, and the possibility to increase the area of continuous forest cover for forest management had to be examined. Finally, as FSC bans the construction and reconstruction of drainage systems the conservation and restoration of wet forests and natural water bodies have been improved. It is also worth noting that the Estonian National Standard requires the protection of forest fauna during the nesting period and the soil during spring.
is.evaluation.findingsIn total of 6 CARs mentioned from social sector. Social improvements by certification according to FSC were the implementation of the safety and health guidelines at site level in a total forest area of more than one million hectares of state forests. When it comes to involvement and participation, certified by FSC increased the transparency of the forest management. However, it is sometimes difficult due to rapid changes in land ownership.
is.evaluation.quotes"The Estonian Standard on Sustainable Forest Management puts much attention on the forest management plan due to the need to compensate a fairly soft state legislation and the need to fight illegal logging."' "As illegal logging in Estonia is high and even organized crime activities can be found in the forestry sector, the ability to trace certified wood is of special importance. Therefore, a correct use of the FSC logo and the certification code as well as an appropriate documentation is essential."
is.evaluation.quotes1.Management plan and harvesting volume: More than a quarter of the total forest are in Estonia which is 575,000 ha is unclaimed forest land covers. However, "Certification according to FSC improves sustainable forest management reduced the risk of overexploitation on a forest area of nearly 1.4 million ha."' 2.Product flow tracing: "Illegal logging is a key problem in Estonia. Certification cannot eliminate illegal logging, but the ability to trace more than 2.8 million m3 or certified timber from its origin will make illegal harvesting activities harder."
is.evaluation.scopeThis is a CAR-analysis of FM CHs in Estonia.
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