The contribution of FSC certification to biodiversity in Finnish forests.

dc.contributor.authorLehtonen, E.
dc.contributor.authorStedingk, Henrik von
dc.titleThe contribution of FSC certification to biodiversity in Finnish forests.en
dcterms.abstractThis study evaluates the impact of FSC certi cation on biodiversity in the Finnish forest, relative to the requirements of Finnish legislation. The bene ts of FSC certi cation to forest biodiversity are most apparent regarding preserving riparian zones, promoting deciduous stands in coniferous forests, retaining biologically valuable trees in harvests, and protecting habitats that are not protected by legislation, such as large Woodland Key Habitats. FSC places minimum, quanti able targets to conserve these features and sets requirements for measures that are only formulated as recommendations in conventional forest management. The biodiversity impacts of these considerations have been evaluated based on scienti c literature. When evaluating the FSC impact on biodiversity, one must keep in mind that biodiversity constitutes one of three pillars of FSC and sustainable forestry, together with social considerations and economic viability. FSC certi cation works as a complement to legislation and other conservation practices applied in Finland for a more sustainable forestry. The report was produced by FSC Sweden in collaboration with FSC Finland. Authors are Emily Lehtonen and Henrik von Stedingk, Layout Märta Lindqvist, FSC Sweden. Contributions have been made by Eveliina Puhakka, FSC Finland, and the reference group: Kimmo Syrjänen, Erkki Eteläaho, Lauri Kajander, Inka Musta and Timo Kuuluvainen. The study was funded by ACE – The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment.en
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dcterms.bibliographicCitationLehtonen, E., Stedingk, H., 2017. The contribution of FSC certification to biodiversity in Finnish forests.en
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is.evaluation.findingsAs compared to the Finnish legislation, FSC certification provides the following requirements which, through reducing negative impacts of forest management interventions, positively influence biodiversity: "More habitats and habitat connectivity for species requiring intact forests; More habitats for riparian zone species; More protection for breeding species and breeding birds; More habitats for species associated with deciduous trees and mixed forests; Retention trees function as lifeboats for forest species; More habitats for species dependent on dead wood (some contribution only); More habitats for species inhabiting woody biomass on harvests; More habitats for species dependent or favored by fire (some contribution only)."
is.evaluation.findingsHowever, in terms of landscape planning, forest drainage and damage of ground water, the impacts of FSC could not be estimated.
is.evaluation.notesThe main limitation of the study is that no actual on-the-ground impacts are assessed, nor counterfactual are provided. The study remains thus quite theoretical, and the conclusions would need empirical evidence to be fully supported.
is.evaluation.scopeThis report compares the national requirements with those of FSC to evaluate the added-value of certification to biodiversity conservation.
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